“I just finished Joys of the Journey: An Offering of Essays and had to tell you the total pleasure it was to read it. Going from trees to kittens to friends present and lost to coins and all sorts of things . . . said in your soft, detailed yet simple and flowing manner caused me to not want to put the book down and forever look forward to when I picked it up to continue to read.”

I’m really enjoying Joys of the Journey. It’s great right before bed. Nice thoughts to drift off to sleep to . . .

“Nostalgia and a sense of heritage.”

Joys of the Journey is wonderful. . . I have almost finished, and it is so upbeat and makes you feel good just to read. I love the short essays . . . it makes you want to read more than just a couple at a time!

“Reading your books is like sitting down for a comforting chat with you.”

Masterful writing.

“I’ve been reading one to two chapters of Brightening the Corners right before I go to bed each night, and it is so refreshing and positive and puts a new perspective on my following day! Thank you for compiling your thoughts and sharing them with the world! You are an inspiration to many.”

Let me know when your next book comes out, please. I have so enjoyed your first two. They are thought-provoking in a gentle but profound way. Thank you for the Journey and the Brightened Corners.

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