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Monday, March 29, 2021

Sense of Beauty

Some of the most delightful things in life are as close to us as a heartbeat, and they’re ours for the taking. All that’s required to experience them is the use of our five senses.

Examples are endless: the sight of the graceful branches of a beech tree swaying gently in the breeze; shimmering moonlight on a lake’s clear surface; a row of flowering pear trees in glorious blooms of white; the distinctive features of a loved one’s face.

The heartening sound of children’s laughter is a joy beyond measure. The unmistakable voices of those we hold dear have the unfailing power to comfort. Haunting musical melodies that echo in our minds evoke sweet memories of days gone by. The clear ringing of church bell chimes far off in the distance symbolizes hope and the promise of life eternal. The soft, gentle patter of a summer shower reminds us of home–cozy and snug.

The world is abundant with deliciousness: the tangy-sweet taste of a crisp, ripe apple; the smooth, creamy flavor of piping hot chocolate with soft, gooey marshmallows melting on top; the mouth-watering zest of fresh-buttered popcorn sprinkled with salt.

Intoxicating scents surround us: the flower garden, fragrant with the distinctive, sweet perfume of lemon lilies in full bloom; the smoky, rustic essence of burning leaves wafting over the autumn air; the newly-cut trace of a Christmas tree; and the delightful, all-time classic aroma of bacon frying crisp in the pan and fresh coffee brewing.

My senses are also gratified by the comforting feel of a loved one’s hand clasped in mine; the soft fur of a baby kitten; the warmth of a downy blanket on a cold winter’s night; the smoothness of ivory on piano keys.

The list could go on forever, and indeed it does. Today, take a few moments to consider all of the glorious sensory pleasures in your life. Enjoy, and be comforted.

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