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Friday, February 10, 2023

Valentine Verse

February 14th is Valentine’s Day,
When we celebrate love for each other.
The annual day we go out of our way
For sweetheart, best friend, and mother.

We seek to show through bright cadeaux,
And greetings full of flair,
How much we love our buddies and beaux,
And hope they also care.

With syrupy note and frilly gift,
We boldly state our case:
Our hearts ever gain a joyful lift
From each dear one’s presence and face.

Gift shops bedecked in rainbows of hue,
Heart-shaped boxes in reds ‘n pinks,
Gold and silver trinkets beaucoup;
The Love Bug’s unleashed methinks!

Cards embossed and doily-designed;
Some trimmed in ribbons and lace.
Foils and glitter that sparkle and shine;
Candy hearts are everyplace!

Whimsical drawings with comic verse,
Sweet notes with tender phrase,
Tablets for writing of ardent love
And friendships worthy of praise.

Assorted boxes of cards for kids,
Scented candles and Snoopy the dog,
Turtledoves and winged cupids –
The awesome sight leaves me agog.

Bakery shelves groan with sprinkle-topped cakes,
Frosted cookies and cream puffs galore.
Hand-dipped chocolates mouth water makes.
Éclairs, rich fudge, and s’more.

Pride of the flower shop? Long stem roses,
Spring tulips and lilies so fair.
The jeweler’s gems in displays he discloses,
All for our affection to share.

An unlimited array of offerings to choose,
When sent from the heart, each sure ne’er to lose
In successfully posing that time-honored line,
Will you be my Valentine?

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